Traditional Services

Full Circle provides complete professional services for traditional photographers. We continue to offer in-­house processing of negative color (C­41) and B&W film, with support for slide processing as well. Our expert staff also creates custom darkroom prints from black and white and color images. Technicians take great care to ensure your work is prepared using the latest archival methods. 

Full Circle also has darkrooms for hire. Our private B&W darkroom is equipped with an Ilfospeed Multigrade 500H and a Beseler 45 MXII for enlarging films from 35mm to 4×5in. In addition, the B&W darkroom has an Ilfolab MG2650 automated print processor for RC printing. Our color lab and private darkrooms are well stocked with professional grade equipment including Super Chromega D enlargers for printing 35mm to 4x5in negatives. Our Kreonite ProMate II color processor will print images up to 30” wide. Darkrooms are rented hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Inquire about Studio Membership for premium rates.