Faces of Cuba: Charles Bowers


August 22 – September 31, 2015
Reception with the Artist: Saturday September 12th from 5-8pm

My curiosity about what life is like for the Cuban people, after over a half century of Communism, lead me to Cuba. The faces of the Cuban people told their story. The streets were alive with people scurrying to and from work, talking to friends on street corners and park benches. Life appeared normal. I saw, in their faces, warm smiles and their true joy of existence.

But was there an undercurrent of acceptance of their fate? Or did I see a hint of excitement perhaps about their new potential for  entrepreneurship? I felt the message that the people sent with their looks, their laughter, their concern, their excitement, their understanding, their sense of resignation and their aspirations for the future.

The Cuban people were open, friendly and accepting of visitors.
Their eyes said a gentle, “Welcome to my Cuba”.